VRC Clippings

SABC 2: Banyana Banyana 15/01/2019

Promoting equality of voice across topics SABC 2 Tsonga/Venda News Banyana Banyana to play in Winnie Mandela and Albertina Sisulu Tournament. 15 Jan 2019

Mzansi-Magic The Queen 23\01\2019

Goodness confides in Kea who encourages the rape case be reported to the police.

Mzansi-Magic The Queen 21/01/2019

Thabiso rapes Goodness after a failed proposal.

Blatant stereotype The Queen S3 EP108 26 /12/2018-

This scene involves two women who are involved with the same man. They are both women aware that they are involved with the same man even though the other one just realised it after recognising a ring she saw before in her boyfriend’s drawers. 

SABC 2: SeTswana News police officer kills wife and brother in law in court 26/11/2018

  Headline This is a story about a police officer who killed his wife and brother in law in court during a divorce hearing. The story only deals with safety and security issues instead of a domestic violence issue. The issues around police officers being allowed to enter in court with service pistols are prioritised. […]

The Queen S3 EP105


SABC 3: Hectic On 3 – 28/01/2019

SABC 1: Skeemsaam S5_25/01/2019

      ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION Name of monitor: Your name Madikana Matjila Name of Television station:  SABC 1 Name of programme:  Skeem Saam Date of broadcast: 25 January 2019 Time: Time of broadcast 18:30 – 19H00 Genre: Type of programme Drama series: Skeem Saam Theme: Entertainment Gem Classification: Gender aware Brief description of scene: Lehasa […]

ETV: Scandal Ep 3031 -23/01/2019

Name of monitor: Petronell Ngonyama Name of Television station: ETV Name of programme: Scandal Date of broadcast: 23 January 2019 Time: 19:30 Genre: Drama Series Theme: Social GBV focus explicit or implicit: Implicit Gem Classification: Blatant Stereotype Link Artefacts Description This is a drama series which broadcasts daily on eTV at 19:30 pm. The analysis […]

SABC 1: News Mdantsane church Corporal Punishment

    ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION Name of the monitor: Sakhile Dube Name of Television station: SABC1 Name of programme: Xhosa News Date of broadcast: 22/01/2019 Story number in the bulletin 7 Time: 19:00 – 19:30 Genre: News Theme: GBV Skills: Accuracy, Headlines, Portrayal, Sources GBV focus explicit or implicit? Explicit Gem Classification: Gender Blind Provide a […]