16 Days of Activism 2012 – GL Commentaries

Date: December 11, 2012
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Monday, 26 November – Peace begins at home

Peace in the home, peace in the community

Staying strong in the midst   of a storm

Momento para as mulheres fazerem À“ se ouvir

Confidences d’une Mauricienne 17 fois victim de viol

Je suis un homme violent

Tuesday, 27 November – Speaking out can set you free

Young girls never fall for rich men

Always scared after rape



Wednesday, 28 November – Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment a reality in the university

Once bitten, twice shy

Where does love end and where does hatred begin?

Support through trauma

My worst nightmare ever

Um olhar Á  implementação da Lei sobre Violência Doméstica Praticada Contra a Mulher

VÁ­tima de violência doméstica tem algo para sorrir

Dénoncer le harcèlement sexuel Á  l’IFASIC de Kinshasa


Thursday, 29 November – Role of the media

Break the silence of cross border GBV

Stop workplace sexual harassment

Abused by my partner

Abuse at school

My world turned upside down

Para quando um fim Á s notas de transmissão sexual?

Lidando com casos de violência doméstica


Friday, 30 November – GBV and HIV   and AIDS

When it happens to another woman, it happens to you too

Love that turned into a nightmare

Raped by a ruthless man

I come from a broken family

Porque a luta pela promoção da igualdade do género deve ser vista como “coisa de mulheresÀ?

Estuprada e deixada com HIV e SIDA


Monday, 3 December – International Day of the Disabled

Shattered dreams

Community no longer safe haven for me

Padrasto tira herança do enteado

Je suis un homme violent

Tuesday, 4 December – GBV, culture, tradition and religio

GBV begins in Parliament

Woman, you’ll never walk alone!

Religion and Culture central to ending GBV

Broken promises

My father is the grandfather of my child

Accused of being a witch

Casa com cunhado ou perde toda herança do marido

Julia découvre après son voyage de noces que son mari se drogue

Wednesday, 5 December – Gender and climate change

Broken promises

My world turned up side down

Defending my mother from an abusive man



Thursday, 6 December – Role of men and boys

Who is to blame for GBV? All of us!

Botswana: Time to let go

Southern Africa: Male rape survivors demand equal services

Lesotho: Abused for bearing female children

Mauritius: I come from a broken family

Para quando penas severas para perpetradores de violência sexual contra menores?

Tio arranca toda herança dos sobrinhos

Mauritius: Élections locales mauriciennes, quelque soit le résultat, les femmes sont gagnantes

Friday, 7 December – GBV and the internet

Botswana: Peer pressure makes young women vulnerable to HIV

Lesotho: Raped and infected with HIV

South Africa: Should we forgive Chris Brown?

Madagascar: A troubling desire

Zimbabwe: Social media, a powerful means to condemn GBV

Zimbabwe: Promoting progressive forms of masculinty

Zimbabwe: I did not let it happen again

Mozambique: ImpensÁ¡vel que haja trÁ¡fico de pessoas em pleno Século XXI

Mozambique: Vivendo com a violência doméstica

Mauritius: Julia découvre après son voyage de noces que son mari se drogue

Monday, 10 December – International Human Rights Day

Post 2015 À“ What women want!

Lesotho: It happened once, but I’ll never forget

Malawi: Mothers must raise better men

Madagascar: When the enemy is among the people you trust

South Africa: Breaking the cycle of abuse

Swaziland: Real men desist from violence

Zimbabwe: IÀll never lose hope

Mozambique: PossÁ­veis cortes de apoio aos programas de HIV e SIDA contrÁ¡rios ao espÁ­rito do Protocolo da


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