16 Days of Activism 2014 Mozambique

Date: November 24, 2014
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Pre 16 Days 17 to 22nd Empowering survivors through healing process – exchange life sories Launch of the 16 days with Inhambane and Maxixe councils. Reviwing Maxixe Action plan and adopt the Inhambane – Mayors commitment Maxixe and Inhambane
20th Joint activity UN WOMEN and GL on   Debate with University sudents on the intersection of GBV, women participation – Beijing + 20 Maputo
Mon 24 Empower Women Take back the Money Phase two entrepreneurship combined – exchange experiences, sharing life stories – Healing Nammacha-  Macia-Manhica
Tue 25 International day of no violence against women Peace begins at home Mozambique – Launch of the 16 days in Maputo – exchange experience old and new council, reviewing Namaacha and Maputo plans – (Massinga and Vilanculos 16 days launch and stages 6, 7   to 8 ) Maputo, Massinga and Vilanculos TBC
Wed 26 End violence empower women Take back the Money
Thur 27 Education and employment to curb GBV Stop the cycle of violence Gender and Elections in Mozambique – a reflection on priorities on what works better for   women – Experiences from the Mozambique Parliamentary and Presidential elections. Maputo Council
Fri 28 The cost of GBV End violence, save finance
Mon 1 World Aids Day
Tue 2 Femicide Getting away with murder Google Hangout
Wed 3 International Day of Disability For an enabling society Mozambique: Launch gender Policy, media houses remaining stages,   Article: how can a gender policy influence the editorial line to be more gender sensitive JT Maputo Councils
Thur 4 Harmful practices, GBV and economic disempowerment Voice, choice and control
Fri 5 Diverse sexuality and gender identities Embrace diversity Mozambique: Alliance barometer launch, 2 days village workshop TBC by alliance
Mon 8 Commercial and transactional sex Economic agency for   gender equality Mandlakazi and Chibuto phase II entrepreneuship and End   of the 16 days of ctivism – breakfast with donors and private sector Chibuto and Madlakazi
Tue 9 Human trafficking and slavery Abolish slavery! Angola: Collecting 1200 M&E Angola, Luanda, cacuaco, cazenga, kilamba kiaxi , bengo kuanza norte
Wed 10 Mozambique barometer launch
Wed 10 International Human Rights Day Yes we must!

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