2003 Sixteen Days of Peace Campaign

Date: July 28, 2009
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The pep talk campaign 2003 – 72 hours that could save your life!!
As part of the 2003 campaign – “imagine a world free of gender violence and hiv/aids” – a consortium of NGOs launched a special “pep talk” campaign. The campaign consisted of raising awareness on post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) around Southern Africa, where in many countries this treatment is still not provided for.

Report on the pep talk campaign conducted during the sixteen days of activism on gender violence 2003 and the list of participants can be downloaded below.

Provincial campaigns
As part of the 2003 campaign provincial campaigns were carried out.

16 days of peace provincial campaigns
name theme sponsor province contact
Child Abuse
Kea-rona in action Report child abuse and make the youth aware of their rights Lifeline MPUMALANGA Moosa Mkhatshwa 083 239 5349
Visit 4 regions of Mpumalanga and have talks & drama on child abuse and children’s rights. Have pamphlets and posters on child rights, these to be distributed at schools. Campaigns will start beginning of November before schools close
Gender Based Violence
Ditshwanelo Men and women building a violence free society ADAPT & FAMSA NORTH WEST Yvonne Leutsela 082 637 9866
Will use community radio in their campaign to reach out to inmates, perpetrators and youth. Will hold debate after 25 Dec with the youth and survivors of domestic violence. Will visit prisons to hold discussions on effects of gender violence
Komv/fer Increase awareness and educate the youth, family and the community Women Against Community Abuse / Lifeline / Premier NORTH WEST Jabu oa-Afrika 082 669 5250 or (018) 381 0976
Involve local and provincial govt. Partner with NGOs and traditional leaders. Community meetings and information sessions with families that have been affected. Will launch campaign on 12 Nov. Get coverage by print media, will have posters, pamphlets & stickers in Setswana.
Restoring family dignity in our society Go back to basics, respect parents, children & most importantly À“ women House of Traditional Leaders,ADAPT, Radio Mafisa NORTH WEST Sitse Aphiri (018) 381-7111/2
Pamphlets and posters in Setswana to be given to communities, visit schools, clinics and police stations. Target women, men and children in rural areas. Will have press releases of campaign, talk shows thru Motsweding F.M, rally and debates with chiefs and the church
HIV/AIDS and Human Rights
Break the cycle, break the silence To improve services provided to survivors of gender violence by the system, i.e. police,health care & justice KZN Network, Newlands Crisis Centre, Soul’s Outreach KWAZULU NATAL Cookie Edwards (031) 304-6928 or 083 637 0203
There will be a washing line along the walk way infront of Durban City Hall. The T-shirts will be in different colours and blank for people to come and write their messages on them. The purpose is for women to leave their pain behind. 1 December there will be a red ribbon tied around the City Hall and people will come and write messages on it in memory of those who have died of the disease. 10 December there will be a workshop on the role of men in HIV/AIDS and gender violence. Aim is for men to come out with an action plan on how to be involved in awareness raising.
Masibambane Lack of information leads to discrimination and stigmatization NAPWA and South African Council of Churches MPUMALANGA Moses Ngutshane (013) 752 5471
21 November there will be a regional HIV/AIDS talk at the TSA offices, focus will be on gender violence and HIV/AIDS and PEP for rape survivors. 29 November there will be a workshop on gender violence and HIV/AIDS with the Masoyi community, partners are Napwa, Grip, SAPS, Nicro and Sanca. 1 December there will be a provincial event in Kamhlushwa in the Nkomazi region in partnership with the provincial govt.
Respect the Elderly
Khomanani Respect and protect the aged OSW, Leseding Community Advise Centre and SAPS NORTH WEST Kedilatile Tlhagswana 083 648 8859
Target is youth, civil servant and to educate the aged about their rights. Aim is to empower them. Will use drama, songs and posters. There will be dialogues between the police and social welfare. Will have dinner party on the 10 December at Mothibistad Hall. Will use Vaaltar. Campaign will run second week of Nov. till 10 Dec.
Role of Men
Evolved Men of quality do not fear equality. Men to be at the forefront of the fight to eradicate gender violence Black Management Forum FREE STATE Mbuselo Ntoi 072 684 8730
Campaign to take place in Matjhabeng District in Free State. Go on community radio to talk about the role of men, use drama to show the problem and workshops with men. Partner with other organizations.
Kusile Men in partnership against violence on women and children Men for Change / Masoyi HBC MPUMALANGA Thully Tsela (013) 751 2341/6
Workshop men to be agents of change, who will then hold men’s indabas in their areas of the province. Have talks with youth on the role of men in alleviating gender violence.
Mara Why!! The involvement of men is crucial to the eradication of gender violence Department of Social Development, COSATU, CGE, OSPD- Premier / Moral Regeneration Movement & NICRO FREE STATE Grace Mosia (051) 409 0875
Have a media launch of the campaign, use Lesedi FM for talkshows with former perpetrators. Have posters and pamphlets on the role of men. Get MEC for Social Welfare & Safety and security to endorse the campaign.
Role of the Church
Ho-lekane The church to play a role in building of communities. Faith Worship Centre, Endtimes Glory, Word Centre FREE STATE Mantwa Mooti (051) 409 4604
Use a religious radio programme, use pamphlets and pastors to link their sermons to the relevant themes during the 16 Days. Choir festival


Download : Report on the Peptalk campaign 2003
Download : List of participants - Peptalk campaign

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