A family of 11 in a container- Daily Sun

Date: August 15, 2011
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Name of article: A family of 11 in   a container

Nane of journalist: Jane Mokgosi

Name of publication: Daily Sun

Date: 26 July 2011

Country: South Africa

Theme: Unemployment and housing

Skills: Language, sources and perspective.

Genre: News

GEM Classification: Gender aware

She has been living in a container for over 10 years. And her seven kids and grandchildren all live together with her in the cramped space. Princess Mayeki (55) from Alexandra in Joburg have been to the offices of Housing Department many times, pleading with them to come and look at her terrible living conditions. But not a single official has come to the container.
“We cant even move around inside the container. There is a single bed, one couch and mattresses on the floor”. The container doesn’t have windows. “And everyday I must help the kids to go to school- it is chaos”.

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