A father who served with distinction

Date: June 29, 2011
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Name: A father who served with distinction “

Name of publication: The Herald

Name of Author: Joyce-Jenje Makwenda

Date: 22 June 2011

Country: Zimbabwe

Theme:   Gender equality, Human Rights

Skills: Fairness

Genre: Feature

Gem classification: Gender Aware


Today we are celebrating a father who raised his children with love, respect and encouraged them to fly, in so doing his life trickled to the community and his work place

According to Joyce Kadandara the first born child of the family, she grew up a free bird, they had little supervision.

They knew from an early age what community participation was because of the way they grew up.

“My father was an exceptional man who was way before his time; when we were growing you don’t sort of appreciate some of the things that were done in the family. We were six girls and two boys and l happen to be the first one by the wayÀ

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