A medal given to an activist fighting against sexual violence – Redio Elikya

Date: April 13, 2011
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On 17 November 2009, Radio Elikya ran a story on gender-based violence. This news piece entitled “A medal given to an activist fighting against sexual violenceÀ aimed to show that such violence concerns both men as well as women. Given that it is a man who was congratulated for his valued work breaks all stereotypes and shows men too can be caring and work to curb GBV.

The journalist gives his views when presenting the news and language that is gender balanced. In essence of the story itself breaks stereotypes. This news piece has been classified as gender-sensitive as it puts forward a subject that is of great concern À“ not only in DRC but all over the world, that is, gender-based violence. The fact that it is a man who is involved in finding solutions and collaborating with women to find proper ways and means to work give value to the story and makes it even more interesting.

The story has been classified as gender aware as it goes against what we often see in the media, that is, always portraying women as helpless victims of sexual violence and other forms of violence and men as the perpetrators. It is not every day that we see a man so engaged in a cause so personal to women.

Unfortunately the journalist took somewhat the easy way as he could have gathered the reactions of the men and women and specially the incumbent of this medal, Denis Lukwang. Those who have worked with him could also have been interviewed.

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