IWD: First Zambia Gender Justice and Local Government Summit and Awards

Date: March 7, 2012
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“365 days of local action to end violence and empower women”
7-8 March 2012 at Cresta Golfview

Lusaka, 7 March: More than 60 participants from Zambia will converge at Cresta Golfview in Lusaka from 7-8 March 2012 for the first Zambia Gender Justice and Local Government Summit. The event showcases examples of local efforts to end gender violence and empower women across Zambia.

Convened by Gender Links Zambia and the Local Government association of Zambia with support from UNICEF under the banner “365 days of collective local action to end gender violence”, the summit is being attended by journalists, local government authorities, municipalities, NGOs and representatives of ministries of gender and local government.

Dubbed the “Idols” of gender justice and local government, the 30 good practices entered in seven different categories will be judged by the audience and also a panel of distinguished judges. The Summit’s most exciting highlight will be the Gender Justice and Local Government Awards, to be presented at a cocktail dinner on 8 March 2012. Entrants include nine councils from across Zambia, several individual leaders, NGOs and CBOS.

Each award will have a winner and a runner-up. They will be presented according to the following seven categories:

1. Gender violence- Prevention of GBV at local level – how do councils/ institutions/ organisations work to ensure that GBV does not occur? This category includes strategic and innovative communication campaigns and initiatives, specific GBV campaigns and 16 Days campaigns, including cyber dialogues during the 16 Days this award will go to the council/ institution and organisation who host the best innovative cyber dialogue during the 16 Days period and who hosts a 16 Days activity that demonstrates impact.

2. Gender violence – Support around GBV at local level – how do we support those who have experienced GBV.

3. Gender and governance: programmes and campaigns to prepare women for political office and elections and support their effective participation as well as programmes and campaigns supporting men gender champions.

4. Local Economic Development: including youth economic empowerment and empowerment of women – at local level to enhance the ability of young women to take control of their lives.

5. HIV/AIDS and Care Work: at the local level, what are councils doing to support care givers including advocating for the involvement of men.

6. Institutional – COEs – This award is for the council/s that demonstrate/s the greatest commitment to ending GBV and COE councils that have made the greatest progress and have completed stages 1 – 10.

7. Leadership, including junior local councils and young women actively engaged in local government/ politics who show particular innovation and dedication to ending GBV at the local level.

The Summit kicks off on 7 March 2012 with a panel discussion about the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development and Gender Based Violence.

On 8 March 2012, the plenary discussion will focus on Climate Change and Sustainable Development and Gender based Violence. Awards will be presented in the evening at a cocktail party. Video footage can be made available on request.

For more information visit the Gender Links website or contact: Faides TembaTemba Nsofu +260 977324500, email: zamlocalgvt@genderlinks.org.za


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