Madagascar Gender Justice and Local Government Summit

Date: April 25, 2012
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March 19, 2012
Over 200 participants from across Madagascar were gathered at the International Conference Centre (ICC) Ivato, from 12 to 14 March for the first national summit entitled “Summit on Gender Justice and Local Government: the community response regarding Gender Based Violence (GBV). ” This event demonstrated the efforts of actors at local level to end Gender Based Violence and to promote women’s empowerment across the country.

Organized by Gender Links Madagascar, in partnership with UNFPA, the Ministry of Population and Social Affairs, the SAHA program, the BABEO project and under the banner: “365 Days of Activism to end Gender Based Violence “, the summit saw the presence of journalists, government officials, local authorities, representatives of international organizations, ministries and local collectivities.

The number of participants has tripled this year, the 166 selected good practices and inserted into TEN (10) categories were judged partly by the public and the other by a panel of judges with varied profiles. The candidates in the competition came from various associations and NGOs from all over Madagascar, public and private institutions, urban and rural councils. The awards ceremony to the most deserving was held on March 14, 2012. A trophy was presented to the winner and runner up. These trophies were classified from the following categories:

1 Gender Based Violence – Prevention of Gender Based Violence (GBV). This category was won by the Matsiatra Ambony Region, represented by Mrs. RAZANAMASY Marie Chantal (FITAFIBE)

2 Gender Based Violence – Response to Gender Based Violence at local level. This category was won by Mrs. RAZAFINIMARO Pascaline (FIVETAMIA) from DIANA Region

3 Gender Based Violence – Support to GBV victims at local level. Trophy won by Mrs. JEANNODA Norotiana (SPDTS) of the Analamanga Region.

4 Gender and governance : programs to prepare and to support women to be candidates in the elections and to take part in the political domain. Category won by Mrs. RAZAFINDEHIBE Céline Nathalie (UAMAD) of the Analamanga Region

5 Economic development: Empowerment of young and women at local level. Category won by Mrs. RAKOTOMALALA Irma Haritiana (Urban Council of Morondava) of the MENABE Region

6 Climate change and Sustainable Development: projects relating to Climate change and Sustainable Development and that take in account the Gender dimension. The trophy was handed to Mrs. LIDITTE Angèle (Rural Council of Antanamitarana) of the DIANA Region

7-HIV/AIDS and Care Workers – Category won by Mr. RASOLOFOARINIVO Andrianantenaina Alphonse (Rural Council of Ambalavao) of the Analamanga Region

8 Center of Excellence (COE) – The local councils that made the biggest progress and that completed the stages 1 – 10 of the COE process. In this category the victory was given to 3 candidates that are: Mr. RANDRIAMAHEFA Justin (Rural Council Tsiafahy) and Mr. RAJAOVELO Rivonarinjaka (Rural Council of Miantso) of the Analamanga Region and Mrs. RASOAMANANDRAY Vololoniaina Jeannette (Rural Council of Ialananindro) of the MATSIATRA AMBONY Region.

9 Leadership: Mrs. TOTO Arne Angeline (Rural Council of Antanamitarana) of the DIANA Region

10 Youth Leadership: Mr. RABEMANANJARA William (Rural Council of Tsiafahy) of the Analamanga Region

It is to be noted that the Regional Summit will take place on 25, April 26 and 27, 2012 in Johannesburg, in South Africa.


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