Men and masculinities

Men and masculinities

Date: April 11, 2013
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Many of the targets in the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development mention both women and men. Whether about gender equality in government, access to treatment for HIV and AIDS or representation in regional media, men continue to play a key role in the advancement and empowerment of women.

This policy brief will highlight the role of men in gender discourse at the global level before looking at the SADC region and the work of Gender Links in particular. It will then examine the ongoing debate about the role of men in the fight for gender equality, both within women’s movements and civil society. Finally, some key themes around masculinity and its impact in relevant sectors of work will be analysed.


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Trevor Davies says:

I thank Gender Links for publishing this, I declare a self-interest as a part author of the work! It is fantastic that Gender Links takes work with men seriously and it starts with policies! The phenomenal fathers project of Gender Links has ensured that this policy has leapt of the pages and been translated into quick action by Gender Links – what more can we ask for? This is a flagship policy and will inspire many other organisations struggling with how to encourage male engagement in their work with confidence!

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