Tabloids Case Studies

Date: January 1, 1970
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Timely, provocative and well-researched

Timely, provocative and well-researched, the sixth issue of the Mirror on the Media research conducted by Gender Links and partner organisations is the first comprehensive study of gender and tabloids in Southern Africa, and of this phenomenon in the region more broadly.  The case studies include examples from , , and , and demonstrate a variety of reporting that ranges from gender aware to blatant stereotypes.  This easily accessible online resource is ideal for gender trainers, media trainers as well as gender and media advocacy networks.

To access the case studies:
1. Click on the VRC on the Gender Links home page.
2. Click on the VRC search page (if you are reading this electronically use this LINK).
3. In the menu select all for all items, except for theme, where you should select "tabloids."
4. This will give you the full list of case studies, that you can also narrow down by country, GEM classification etc using the various functions on the menu.
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