Accidents in Mauritius.

Date: July 3, 2013
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Name: 95.8% of road accidents involves male drivers.

Name of publication: Le Mauricien.

Date: 5 March 2013.

Country: Mauritius.

Theme: Accident, Gender.

Skills: Headlines.

Genre: News Analysis.

Gem classification: Gender Aware.

Description: One of the fallout of the conference “Women and the road” organized by the Road Safety Association Avant Tout is the representation of women responsible for accidents. But According to the figures available for 2011, 95.8% of drivers in motorized vehicles involved in accidents are men.
According to figures from the non-governmental organization (NGO), the country has an average of 150 deaths and 3000 injured every year. Thus, the 95.8% of men involved in accidents would be more or less constant over the last year. Alain Jeannot , the president of the N.G.O provides some points for further reflection. From: why men are over-represented in road accidents? Is it because they are more aggressive in nature due to testosterone? Is it because they are more likely than women while they learn from an early age to protect life? Or is it because the society combines the transgression of taboos and risk taking as virility?
The audience was then invited in identifying the causes of accidents. Speed. alcohol and fatigue were the first few reasons cited by the participants. From his side, Mr. Robin Appaya member of TARP, focused on the legal aspects of the accident before commenting on the protective principle of the Driving License Counterpart that will be implemented shortly in Mauritius.



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