Achieving the Millenium Development Goals in Africa

Date: November 2, 2009
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Achieving the Millenium Development Goals and other internationally agreed development goals in Africa holds the promise of saving millions of lives, ending the scourge of hunger and malnutrition, and ensuring that Africa’s children are empowered through education and good health to lead productive lives.

Investings in the Millenium Development Goals is a critical step in charting a course towards sustained stability and economic growth that will build capital, attract foreign investment and overcome Africa’s current dependence on external assistance.

Since the Millenium Development Goals are too importtant to fail, the second half of the MDG period, which begins this year, must focus squarely on scaling up proven interventions to achieve the Goals.

The evidence surveyed by the MDG Africa Steering Group demonstrates that – if fully implemented – the recommendations contained in this document will produce substantial and verifiable results. They will take countries closer to achieving the Millenium Development Goals and lay the foundation for robust economic growth.

The targeted efforts to scale up the proven interventions recommended in this document map out an ambitious, but feasible, agenda that needs to be launched during 2008. The members of the Steering Group hope that world leaders will take up these recommendations and commit to implement them.

Publisher: United Nations Department of Public Information
Year of Publication: 2008

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