Africa Magic encourages gender subjugation

Date: February 22, 2011
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The new Africa Magic TVC advertising Yoruba-movies station has left undesirable impressions on the minds of viewers. A man and his wife meet a marriage counselor to iron out their matrimonial issues. The poor lady complains of idling away all day, saying she would love to have something profitable doing. Mr. Husband would have none of it and prefers she mind the home. The matter degenerates into a disagreement and the problem-solver counsellor in his wisdom suggests she watch Africa Magic Yoruba all day as a panacea to her plight. Left to a lot of viewers, the proffered solution is rather ridiculous judging by how sensitive the issue is.


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Fidele Rutayisire says:

You are doing great work.keep it up. how can I access the whole document?

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