All the prime Minister’s women – Herald

Date: February 2, 2012
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Title of the story: All the prime Minister’s women – Herald

Name of Journalist:
Herald Reporter

Name of publication: The Herald

Date: 20 November 2011

Country: Zimbabwe

Theme: Sex roles

Skills: sources, perspective, portrayal


GEM classification: gender blind

It is the lifestyle of the rich and famous: top of the range cars; holidays in exquisite resorts and lots of women. They enjoy the fun irrespective of the media scrutiny. In some cases, they never seem to learn from their weaknesses. Former United States president Bill Clinton was a well-known womaniser. From a ten-year relationship with Gennifer Flowers before his presidency to Paula Jones and finally Monica Lewisky who almost cost him his presidency and marriage to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Former IMF president Dominique Strauss Kahn is also said to have the same weakness. It cost him job a few months ago.

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