Date: October 9, 2010
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Name of article/story: Ayobe
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Genre: Cartoons
GEM classification:
Blatant stereotype

Description: The cartoon shows two couples walking in opposite directions. One couple is walking arm in arm towards the direction signposted: “Babylon Bar and Rest-house”. The woman is walking a mini-skirt and high heels with the man looking at her. The second couple is walking away from the same bar. The man is dressed in a suit and his head is turned back to look at the woman who has passed by in the other couple. He is evidently drooling at her as shown by the hearts drawn by the cartoonist over his head to show what he is thinking. Meanwhile, the woman he is with is also wearing a very short dress and high heels with her cleavage showing. She is clearly upset and asking him why he is looking at the other woman who has just passed by. This is shown by the question mark placed over her head and her frowning face.

This is a blatant gender stereotype cartoon and is an example of irresponsible media practice.
It shows how women are often portrayed as helpless sex objects. It degrades the dignity of women by exaggerating their physical attributes. For example the extremely short dresses that reveal most of the women’s legs and cleavage is also exaggerated. On the other hand, men are portrayed as people who are not able to control their sexual urges. The men are, however, well dressed and look powerful. The story does not relate to any article in the newspaper and one wonders at its value.

There are no sources as this is a cartoon

Visual images
While there is a gender balance in the images, two men and two women, the imagery shows a negative portrayal of both sexes. The women are caricatured with big busts and big bottoms. This is in line with most media’s tendency to draw readers’ attention to women’s physical attributes.

The facial expression of one of the women (facing the front) presents her as a monster. Her mouth is agape showing wide threatening teeth.



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