Botswana GJLG summit 2012 winners

Date: July 9, 2012
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Category: Prevention (Gender Violence)
Winner: University of Botswana, Young WomenÀŸs Leadership Project and UB club
The YWLP was formed at the University of Botswana, to address gender and GBV issues by and with young women at the campus. As the young female students face a number of challenges during their time of studies, including issues of self-discovery and GBV by peers and teachers, the club provides a safe place for women to speak out and get guidance on how to deal with the challenges and how to be the young leaders of tomorrow.

Category: Response (Gender Violence)
Winner: Jwaneng Town Council
Through its Social and Community Development programme the council offers marital and relationship disputes counselling. They deal with disputes that are characterized by assault, abuse and
domestic violence. Social workers recognised the need of such counselling as the issues trickle down from the couple to the family to the community. Next to counselling, they embark on theatre and drama groups, house-to-house campaigns, community information campaign etc.

Category: Support (Gender violence)
Winner: Botswana Police Service ÀŸBreak the SilenceÀŸ
This is a project initiated by the Botswana police social welfare unit with the purpose after the realisation that Gender Based violence cases had a traumatic effect of police officers who attend to such cases. These cases included those of murder and suicide. Interventions include: Debriefing sessions, provision of psycho-social support to officers who are exposed to the crime scenes of murder-suicide and information, education on gender issues through the in-house Botswana Police magazine. Furthermore, police stations are required to report to the Psycho-social support unit
on a quarterly basis in relation to their intervention in relation to GBV issues and the commissioner has availed a budget for gender activities.

Category: Local Economic Development
Winner: North West District Council
Tebogo Letshabamang from North West District Council presented on their project to promote Local Economic Development in Shorobe, to bring about economic lively hood amongst women this project focuses on basketry. They link the project to the various touristic destinations in the district, to encourage tourists to purchase their goods. Care Work and HIV/AIDS

Category: Care Work and HIV/AIDS
Winner: Bomme Isago
The association was formed by HIV positive women to address the sexual and reproductive health rights and challenges faced by women infected and affected by HIV. They embark on advocacy and community outreach to educate communities but also to better educate policy maker by giving human faces and voices to the issues.

Category: Leadership
Winner: Ludo Margaret Mosojane
Ludo Mosojane was advocating for gender issues during her work as Customary Court President and she has shown a passion and zeal to have customary laws reviewed to make them

Category: Institutional
Winner: Chobe District Council
Chobe District, as a famous touristic destination and a trade corridor to Zambia and Zimbabwe, faces specific problems such as prevalence of sex work and HIV /AIDS. They have mainstreamed gender in their organisation through sensitization of the leadership and development of a gender action plan with BALA and GL. They hold frequent workshops and kgotla
meetings on GBV, as the councils has availed P25 000 per annum for workshop and training. The community is as a result highly sensitized on gender issues; there is an improved report system on GBV, and participation of men on gender issues. As M&E tool the councils is using the balance score card instrument and GBV case management system.

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