Brutal murder in Mochudi – The Echo

Date: October 10, 2012
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Name of article : Brutal murder in Mochudi

Name of journalist : Sharon Mathala

Name of publication: The Echo

Date : 04 October 2012

Skills : Fairness

Theme : Crime, gender violence

Genre : News

Gem classification: Blatant stereotype


A 36 year old male was arrested this past Sunday on suspicions that he murdered his 30 year old lover. At around midnight on Sunday, at Madodisa ward in Mochudi, the police were alerted of a murder involving a 30 year old female and her 36 year old lover. It is reported that the man slayed his lover with an axe at their home stead. Police are still in the sun as to what might have caused the problem, but the man has been remanded in custody while investigations continue. Superintendent Olebile Sitale of the Mochudi Police Station told crime file that more information will be divulged as investigations unfol.

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