Budget 2013-The six tracks to develop female entrepreneurship

Date: September 17, 2012
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Name: Budget 2013-The six tracks to develop female entrepreneurship
Name of publication: Le Defi Quotidien
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Date: 13th September 2012
Country: Mauritius
Theme: Business/Entrepreneur
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Genre: Local news
Gem classification: Gender aware
Description: In the context of the preparation of the Budget 2013, Mala Chetty, President of the National Women Entrepreneur Council (N.W.E.C), has come forward with a series of proposals to promote women’s entrepreneurship.
The two pillars of the development of women’s entrepreneurship are based on the training and access to the information. We have to intensify these programs of support for women to succeed recommended Mala Chetty.
There are already training programmes for women entrepreneurs but we should focus more on the ‘in-house’ training. Very often, women do not have the time and the opportunity to follow a course of training on how to manage their businesses properly and efficiently.
Another proposal from the president of the N.W.E.C is to facilitate access to financing. “It should be that the schemes intended for the entrepreneurial development are more accessible to women entrepreneurs specially the micro-entrepreneurs and start-ups that have difficulties in finding the funds. The Budget should include measures to promote the allocation of funds to women entrepreneurs.
It is also recommended to develop new opportunities for markets on both the local and regional plans. At the local level, we should be creating entrepreneurial villages. This would help to develop the sector and to improve the visibility of women entrepreneurs. Another idea is to allow the big business of sub-dealing with the women entrepreneurs and encourage hypermarkets to open their doors to products manufactured by local women.
For Mala Chetty , it is necessary to develop this sector where there is an increasing number of women . With the women’s development, we can help to eliminate poverty. This would also a lot of women put the butter in the spinach, explains Mala. There are to date 3,500 women entrepreneurs in Mauritius and among them 90 per cent are micro-entrepreneurs.


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