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Date: January 1, 1970
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This is an advert about Castle Lite, a beer brand. The advert shows a man at a bar maneuvering his way around the room to get to the front. He says he likes being in control and making the right choices, which is why he drinks Castle Lite. He says he also is in control in the way he chooses his women. The man is shown making his way to a woman and grabbing her by the arm showing that he has chosen her. The woman obligingly follows.

This video clip may be used:
1. As an example of an advert that gives men unlimited power and space, while women are portrayed as secondary objects at the disposal of men.
2. To show how women are most often represented in such roles as secretaries or domestic roles.

Trainer’s notes
In the Mirror on the Media Advertising research conducted by GL both groups felt that the advert shows that men wield so much power in society that they have the ability to choose how they want to lead their lives. Women are part of the men’s subjects to choose from. They are chosen and have no say in the matter. Male participants said they did not like the man’s condescending attitude.
Female participants said they did not like the way women are presented as passive partners in the relationship. They are part of the man’s many conquests. One female participant observed that men are depicted as being outdoors playing arts while most women are at home or doing secretarial work in the office.  She said this confines women to being indoors while men are given free reign outdoors. Men said they would buy the product being advertised while women said they would not. Women felt that the woman chosen by the man has nothing to do with the product being advertised.
Discussion Questions
1. What the advert saying about power relations between men and women?
2. What is the effect of such messages in society?
3. Read "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall?" (below). How does this advertisement reinforce what is discussed in this commentary?
Training exercises
1. Ask participants to go and view local pubs or shebeens with a gender lens. What roles do women play? What roles do men play? Are there any gender benders?
2. Plan a storyboard for an advertisment for the beer. What would the images be, what would the dialogue consist of?
3. Read "Women consumers of media must flex their muscles." (below). Plan strategies to address advertisements such as this.
Additional training resources
Picture our Lives, Gender and Images in Southern Africa, Chapter three: Sex, Gender and Stereotypes

Download : South Africa - Castle Lite

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