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Date: January 1, 1970
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A big picture of a jubilant man in the left top corner, taking up a quarter of the advert, and a very small, almost invisible picture of a woman talking on a mobile phone near the bottom of the advert.

This article may be used to:
1. Show how advertisers and their clients often portray women in marginal roles while elevating men to positions of power and control. 
Trainer’s notes:
This advert is a typical example of a blatant stereotype. The looming picture of the man suggests that he is more important while the tiny picture of a woman on a mobile phone reinforces the stereotype that women are second class human beings who are subordinate to men.
Discussion Questions
1. Ask each participant what they think about the advert: Does it promote or perpetuate gender discrimination? How could it be improved?
2. Is this advert well targeted?
Training Exercises
1. Break the participants into small groups and ask them to:
a)     Count the number of men and women in the advert.
b)     In what roles are they portrayed.
c)      What message does the advert send about gender equality using GEM classification. Each group must elect a secretary to make the report-back.
2. Visit a cell phone shop. Observe who is purchasing products.

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