Chassé-croisé – Le Defi Plus

Date: October 9, 2010
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Le Defi Plus of 7 November 2009 published a news brief “Chassé-croisé” about two female Permanent Secretaries who are changing Ministries.

The brief is written in a way that puts forward erroneous ideas. The article says that the gamble is on to know how long these two Permanent Secretaries will remain in their new respective Ministries. This phrase implies that both ladies are not stable and do not perform, and hence have to be transferred. It would be unlikely that if these two Permanent Secretaries were male that they would have received the same treatment by the media.

The title of this news brief is ambiguous as the expression “Chassé-croisé” has several meanings: it could mean “a mutual and simultaneous exchange of places and of situations between people” or “of movements which change constantly in direction without giving much result”. If it is the second meaning, the journalist insinuates that the two female officials are incompetent.



Download : Mauritius - Chasse-croise

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