Chieftainship dispute thickens – Lesotho Times Newspaper

Date: August 1, 2013
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Name of story-Chieftainship dispute thickens

Name of publication-Lesotho Times Newspaper

Name of writter-Nat Molomo

Date-23-29 February


Theme-gender equality



GEM classification-Gender aware

Description-MASERU-The Mamathe chieftainship   dispute took a fresh twist yesterday after the constitutional Court allowed that Senate Masupha the right to intervene in an application before the high court .Three Constitutional Court  judges -Justice Ts’eliso Monaphathi ,’Maseforo Mahase and acting Judge Lebohang Molete-ruled that in order to urgue the application the main case hostilically ,Senate should be allowed to ntervene. ”The applicant (Senate) be and is hereby permitted to intervene in CIV/A/24/2011 as co-respondent ”the court ruled.Senate is seeking to be named principal chief.She wanted to intervene in a case which her half brother ,Lepoqo Masupha and their paternal uncle ,Sempe Makhaola are locked   in a fight for the chieftainship of Ha-Mamathe ,Tthupa-Kubu and Jorotane.Both men and woman claim to be heirs to the chieftainship. Senate claims in court papers that the men did not involve her when they filed their case in the Berea  Magistrate ‘s Court merely because she was a woman.

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