Chieftainship should not be preserve for sons only – Lesotho

Date: September 25, 2012
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Name of article: Chieftainship should not be preserved
for sons only

Name of journalist: Sekoateng Serabele

Name of publication: Lesotho Times

Date:17-23 May 2012

Country: Lesotho

Theme: Gender Equality

Skills: language, perspective

Genre: News analysis

GEM Classification: Gender aware

Description: It’s amazing that to note that two women, Senate Masupha and Tabitha Phaloane are denied chieftainship in their respective areas simply because they happen to be females. The refusal to give them their birth right because of their gender is a serious violation of the constitution of this country. Am aware that the succession to the chief’s office is governed by the chieftainship Act which allows only sons to succeed their fathers. But in view this Law is in conflict with the constitution which explicitly prohibits discrimination of people based on sex.



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