Cooking is my life: Chef Never

Date: June 29, 2011
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Name: Cooking is my life: Chef Never


Name of publication: The Mail


Name of Author: Tarisai Jangara


Date: 31 May 2011


Theme: Gender Equality


Skills: Language

Genre: Feature

GEM Classification: Gender Aware


By just hearing the word chef one start to salivate looking forward to a tantalizing meal. If rat in a Ratatouille have dreams and can fulfil them what can stop a human being from achieving theirs.

Queen Latifah in last holiday enjoyed the succulent meals prepared by Chef Didier at the Grand hotel same applies to our very own Zimbabwean self acclaimed chef who resides in the eastern mountainous area of Nyanga.

Far from the old tradition that a women’s place is in the kitchen, 48 year old Never Nkomo, a father of three has been playing with knives for the past 27 years

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