Cop and concillor down crowd

Date: May 4, 2012
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Name of story: Cop and concillor down crowd

Name/s of journalist/s: Africa ka Mahamba

Name of publication: Daily Sun

Date: 28 March 2012

Country: South Africa

Skills: Sources, perspective

Theme: Crime

GEM classification: Gender Aware

Description : A cop and a councillor showed great bravery when the talked Kasi people out of street justice against an alleged drug dealer. Angry residents of Sosh anguve, north of Tshwane, were fed up with a woman who wouldn’t stop pushing dagga. So on Monday night the met to decide what to do.  “Our kids are hobos because of this woman who sells them dagga,À shouted one mum. “We want her out of our area or she will be sorry.À Then a man in the crowd said the meeting was a waste of time, they should evict the woman. Residents told Daily Sun that if the woman didn’t go they would burn her house down. Local leader Ernest Tshabalala said residents warned the woman four times after finding evidence of her dagga dealing. He said people were so furious he called the police and ward 39  councillor Naome Kataka.




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