Cyber dialogues to take Centre stage

Date: December 10, 2012
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Name of story: Cyber dialogues to take Centre stage

Name of publication: Informative news paper

Name of journalist: Matielane Makhele

Date: 21-27 November

Country: Lesotho

Theme: ICTs

Skills: Language

Genre: News

Gem classification: Gender aware
Description:Mohale’s hoek -Mashaleng community councilors were equipped with skills on how to use a computer and internet by the Gender Links Lesotho in preparation this year’s 16 days days of peace against gender based violence campaign that commences on Sunday this week until on the 10th December.
The councilors will be be communicating with other councils such as Likila,Ramapepe,Thaba-Tseka urban and Senekane through the cyber dialogues on topics to be identified.This according to the Gender Links Country Manager Malepota Mafeka who is the organizer of the dialogue will give councilors an opportunity to share ideas and experiences on gender mainstreaming.


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