Dewani appeal ‘delays inevitable’

Date: May 1, 2012
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Name of article: Dewani appeal ‘delays inevitable’

Name of publication: Sowetan

Name of Autor: Nicole Holgate

Date: Tuesday 04 April 2012

Country: South Africa

GEM Classification: Gender Blind

Skills: Sources

Theme: Justice System

Genre: News

Description: SHREN Dewani may have been successful in his plea to English appeals courts, but it seems he will only delay the inevitable.

Max Clifford, Dewani’s publicist, said that although Dewani’s case will now be reheard, he will eventually be extradited. Clifford could not say how long this would take but seemed certain that Dewani would be tried in South Africa.

“What will happen now is that the judgment will be sent back down to the magistrate’s court. Shrien will be detained until he is well enough to be sent to South Africa.”


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