Don’t marry in church or else…

Date: June 19, 2012
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Name of story: Don’t marry in church or else…

Name of Journalist: Zenoyise Madikwa

Name of publication: Sowetan

Date: 14 February 2012

Country: South Africa

Theme: Intimate partner

Skills: Sources

Genre: Feature

GEM classification: Gender blind

Description: The statistics indicate that couples who get married in churches are more likely to get divorced than those who did it traditionally. Pastor Bill Anstruther of the United Apostolic Faith Church says people get married for different reasons , some get married because their culture only allows them to live together if and only when they are married, others because they want to be buried by the church and not because they are religious.

Download : 14587_men_are_likely_to_give_marriage_a_second_chance_sowetan_140212.jpg

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