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Date: July 16, 2010
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Name of article: Dr invents female condom with teeth

Name of publication: Mmegi newspaper

Date: 25 June2010

Country: Botswana

Skills: Sources

Genre: News


 A female doctor in South Africa invents a female condom with teeth following a rape victim she attended years ago who with lifeless eyes said, “if only I had teeth down there.À The condom was distributed in the different cities where the world cup soccer games were taking place. Critics however say the female condom is not a long term solution and makes women vulnerable to more violence and accused of the Dr of developing a medieval device to fight rape.

This article maybe used to:

·                 Promote debates and discussions as how to deal with rapists

·                 Illustrate how   stereotypically women are viewed, as the “weaker sexÀ


Trainer’s notes:

·                 Blatant stereotypes- women are presented stereotypically as rape victims

·                 Perpetuates stereotypes- women are vulnerable, weak, defenseless

·                 Gender blind À“ more women than men were consulted

Discussion questions:

·                 How does the condom work?

·                 What are the side effects of the condom?

·                 What happens to the woman if she inserts the condom wrong?

·                 How safe are the condoms against STDs and HIV and AIDS?

·                 Where are they manufactured?


Training exercise:

·                 Self defense classes for women

·                 Debates

·                 A follow up article to investigate the rape cases during the World Cup and to see how many women actually used them

·                 A survey to find out how the feelings of women about the condom, those against it and those for it

Other training resources:

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