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Date: February 28, 2012
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Gender Links (GL), a Southern African NGO based in Johannesburg that among its objectives seeks to promote gender equality in and through the media, is extending a call to citizens with analytical skills to contribute to the GL’s Virtual Resource Centre (VRC).

The VRC, hosted by GL’s Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC) is an online resource centre for trainers, educators, journalists, gender and media advocates and students. It provides in-depth analysis of media products and questions whether these perpetuate or challenge gender stereotypes. Media products that can be analysed include newspaper articles, advertisements, radio clips, or any other form of media content.

The case study can also be an analysis of several media articles that deal with one issue that has been followed closely by the media. A comparative analysis of one issue and how it has been covered by different media would also make an interesting case study.

Visit: https://www.genderlinks.org.za/article/sexual-assault-of-female-journalists-reporting-from-conflict-zones-2011-05-07 to see example.  

The guidelines for analysing a selected media product are attached below. An honorarium of R250 will be made for analysing one article. Should more clippings be analysed, the payment will be done per article and also upon satisfactory analysis to be determined by the GMDC.  

If you have a media product that you would like to analyse, please send your idea to Daud Kayisi gmdcofficer@genderlinks.org.za. Well written case studies plus the artefacts (scanned newspaper, a picture of the billboard and or a TV/radio clips etc) should be sent to Kayisi.

Should you need more clarification, send an email to the above address or call +27 (11) 622 2877.

Click below for guidelines for writing up case studes for the VRC.

Download : Guidelines for writing up case studies for the VRC

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