Gender  Links @ Beijing+15, 1-8 March

Gender Links @ Beijing+15, 1-8 March

Date: March 12, 2010
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Gender Links, the Gender and Media Diversity Centre, Gender and Media Southern Africa Network and the African Women and Child Feature Service in collaboration with UNIFEM and the World Bank invite you to join the Beijing Plus 15 cyber dialogues that will be held simultaneously in three chat rooms in French, Spanish and English from 9 am to 10 am New York Time. You can join the chats by signing in as a member of the GEM Community and then following the instructions to log into the cyber dialogues. You can choose to enter any one of the three language rooms. At the four hubs of the cyber dialogues you are invited to bring your laptop, log in for the cyber dialogue with the assistance of one of our staff and join in a general discussion before or after. Expert panellists will be on hand to debate the issues with you based on a daily newspaper being produced by our team at the conference. Your comments and thoughts will be reflected in the following day’s newspaper.

Click here for more information on Beijing+15. You can download the flyers in English, French and Spanish, by clicking on the links below. The flyers are printable.

Click on the attachment to download the concept paper.

Download : Beijing+15 Concept Paper
Download : English A4 Flyer
Download : French A4 Flyer
Download : Spanish A4 Flyer

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