Happy 20th Birthday

Date: February 17, 2021
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Gender Links turns 20 on 17 March 2021. Post your birthday wishes in the comment box below or send a video clip via What’sApp to +27 66 168 2080. Videos need to be in landscape and no longer than 1 minute.  Watch more videos here.

57 thoughts on “Happy 20th Birthday”

Simone Shall says:

Happy Birthday GL! I have worked with GL for the past 15 years and the variety, depth and scale of their work in Southern Africa always amazes me. May you continue your work towards gender equality and justice with the resilience, flexibility and flair that you have shown for the past 20 years, for many many more years to come.

Alex Mandigo says:

I have worked with Gender very well and it remain a pleasure to do so in the future.

Sydney Mwewa says:

Happy 20th Birthday. Great is the work you do for man kind. Stay safe and stay blessed

Mireille Rabenoro says:

A Happy 20th birthday to Gender links!
May we go from success to success in our work for gender justice and equality, with ever renewed commitment !
Mireille Rabenoro- Madagascar

Kelello Rakolobe says:

Happy 20th birthday Gender Links. May you experience more successes in the coming years, till there is eradication of GBV.

Katsande Artwell Teedzai says:

Equality and eradication of GBV is and will remain the major driving force to the future world success

Fortune Mgwili-Sibanda says:

Happy anniversary folks!

Ntolo Lekau says:

Happiest 20th birthday our GL…. You remain the best university!!

Olitta Letsoalo says:

Happy Birthday Gender Links for supporting women programmes continue with a good job

Emmanuel Ndklangamandla says:

Happy birthday Genderlinks. Issues you have passinately addressed are still burning. May you grow from strength to strength

Joyce says:

Happy 20th birthday GL. You are a success and wish you more success . Ameen

Eduardo Namburete says:

Happy birthday, GL! I am very proud to be part of your life. I have see you grow over the year to become a world authority when it comes to gender issues. Your work is cited all around the world, you are a MUST refence for academic papers and even the United Nations count on you for reference. You make all of us who are part of your family very proud. Happy 20 years. Eduardo Namburete

Rose says:

Happy 20th Birthday Genderlinks.
We thank you for your support always.
Wish you more success in this gender agenda.
Gender equality, Yes we can and yes we must!!!!

Mavis (Mhondoro Ngezi says:

Happy 20th Birthday Gender Links. Thanks for the support and encouragement. Wish you many more years of hard work. Stay safe.

Gaby Razafindrakoto says:

Happy birthday and Hats off to Gender Links team either at Head office or the Satellites in each country ! Dedicated persons, with wide vision. May you all go far and reach the goals you are endeavoring for…

Nathalie from Mauritius says:

To all Gender Links team. I wish you all the best on that very special event. You have transformed my life. Today I am pursuing the mission on our national radio and TV.
Long live GL.

Phillina Mukaro says:

Happy birthday GL you changed my life completely. Keep up the good work of promoting gender equality and justice

Mary Selona says:

Happy birthday GL.We appreatiate the support you continuously give to the cso in enabling them to address issues within their respective communities.

Blessings Chidakwa says:

All the gender links team l wish you all the best in the coming years. The best is yet to come

Owen Gwasira says:

Happy 20th birthday Gender Links. Thanks for enriching the lives of our communities over a twenty-year period. May you continue to strive ahead with the good work you are doing

Prof K.Muvangua says:

Happy 20th Birthday to GL. May God continue to bless GL on this ospacious day of its existence throughout the whole SADC regions. May it continues to grow within all its work ethics, and what we believe in. Let us all hold hands and carry the legacy of those zat fights for equal balance for human rights and gender base violence. I salute all in memory of my patriotic comrades, colleagues, friends and members of GL who makes things happen. Late Madam Sarry Xoagus, Andrew Hoaeb and late Patrick Haushona. I join GL’s in 2015 through this members who makes a significant contribution to GL and myself. Happy birthday once again GLinks.. As a mother board of all… Enjoy.. Peace and stability.

Sithabile Matava says:

Happy Birthday Gender links I’m in love with the journey that we are walking together and wish you more years in your good work! We love you GL

Samukelisiwe Ncube Matobo RDC says:

Happy Happy 20th Birthday GL. May you continue to inspire many on your journey. May God continue to open doors for you.

Shando Agatha says:

Thanks to our GL happy birthday

Susan Mogari says:

Happy birthday GenderLinks. Makorokoto! Wishing you many more.

Chigedze Chinyepi says:

From a humble beginning..thru a Regional growth to an International organisation #20years

Pat Mwase says:

Happy birthday GL. It’s been an honour and pleasure being a tiny part of this awesome organization. Keep it up I am always at your beck and call.

Mathabiso Chamane says:

Happy Happy birthday GL thank you for your support and connecting servants leaders who are doing amazing work for their communities

Precious Mabhiza, Epworth Local Board says:

Happy 20th Birthday Gender Links. Wishing you many many more years of success in your endeavours to bridge the gender gap and empowering. Keep up the good works and continue impacting the lives of many.

Anikie makaleng says:

Happy birthday tor 20 birthday you are really awesome organized organization keep it up

Ntholeng Molefi à says:

Happy 20th birthday GL. May you have more edifying years and God continue to bless GL family.

Rachel Jewkes says:

Congratulations on reaching 20 years! wonderful milestone and wishing you all the best for the next 20

Ntombizonke Dladla says:

Happy blissful birthday Gender Links, Transhope wishes you all the best in the years to come you have played a great role in our organisation, keep up the great work that you doing. We love you


Happy 20th Birthday Gender Links. Be always the best with this magnifik goals

Tsitsi Fungurani says:

Happy 20th Anniversary Gender Links. May you grow from strength to strength.

Gladness says:

Happy Birthday Gender Links…We are proud of your work specifically we SADC countries we have benefitted and we still to be benefitted more and more from GL. Long live GL. Once again, bravo to all.

Thabani Mpofu says:

Happy Birthday Gender Links. You are moving mountains in gender circles. Thank you for affording us the opportunity to grow with you.
We shall forever remain Gender Linked.

Dorathy Elisha says:

Happy 20th birthday Genda links. Thank you for the great work you’re doing. Praying for greater achievements for you in the coming years. I’m grateful to God for connecting with you.

Monica says:

20 YEARS! WOW. Happy birthday Gender Links! It has been a privilege to journey along with you and be part of the work that you do. Your commitment to creating an inclusive, equal and just society is commendable and your efforts to being data driven in that endeavour are to be applauded. May you have the opportunity to continue making the differences in the lives of those you work for and with for many more years to come!

Lucia Makamure says:

Happy 20th Anniversary Gender Links.

Vivien Bwembya says:

Happy 20th anniversary to Gender Links, thank you for the work you are have been conducting. Your implementation of activities visible in our communities.

Virginia Makanza says:

A Happy 20 years to you Gender Links…your achievements say it all..I am proud to be associated with you

Sifisosami Dube says:

Happy birthday Gender Links. May you continue with the positive transformation you give to the thousands of women and girls across the SADC region. From working on gender in media, political leadership, SRHR, climate justice and economic empowerment we have witnessed how it is possible to change lives, community by community. Wishing you more years of sustainability, impact and more changed lives. #GL@20

Prisca Mbwana says:

Happy 20th Birthday Gender Links.

Patricia Nyman says:

Congratulations Gender Links, you have reached a milestone, wishing you another 20 years of pushing for gender justice and transformation. The struggle continues to end patriarchy.

Blaire Chipfunde says:

Happy birthday Gender Links. We value your contributions made over the 20 years towards the promotion of equality and justice.Furthermore for the enhancement of governance and democracy that will go along way in the attainment of SDGs,AU vision 2065,SADC gender protocols and our country’s vision 2030.We are proud of you of later you have put a smile on the Gender Based Violence victims during this Covid-19 pandemic through empowering our communities.We wish you many more years of sustainable local economic development for empowering our communities.

Elsie Alexander says:

Congratulations Gender Links a well deserved birthday celebration. Gender links track record is incredible and historic as a Women’s Rights Network in the SADC Region. Your contribution to Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women is phenomenal demonstrating that collective action and strategic partnerships with Civil Society and Member States makes a bigger difference to achieving the goals of the SADC Gender and Development Protocol and the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5. Gender Links is one of the success stories and best practice in Africa and the World. It has been a historic and amazing journey that I am proud to be associated with since its inception. CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

Tina Chipwanya says:

Happy birthday Gender Links. It is an honor to be a part of an organisation empowering women and men to have equal access to opportunities. To more years of continued excellence. Cheers GL!!

Amina Chitara says:

It is a honor to be a part of this empowering organization. Happy birthday Gender Links, hope to go ahead straighthen to develop good policies on women rights and empowering.

Amina Chitara says:

Happy Birthday

Bafana Khumalo says:

Happy 20th birthday to GL from Sonke Gender Justice. You have have been a model civil society organisation for the past two decades. It has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with you as we all seek to advance the cause of gender transformation. Looking forward to 20 more exciting years.

bongie moyo-bango says:

Congratulations Gender Links on reaching this commendable milestone. Your track record in advocating for gender transformation, policy and legal reforms speaks for itself. Cheers to the next 20 years of activism and capacity building as you help us to imagine that a different future is possible.

Ammu Joseph says:

Happy birthday, Gender Links! I’ve known you – albeit mostly from afar – since your infancy! In fact, you’re just a year older than the Network of Women in Media, India, which will celebrate its 20th birthday in 2022! I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few of your earlier Summits in person and have always not only enjoyed and learnt from them but also been impressed by the energy and productivity they brought together. I wish GL and everyone who has contributed to making it the dynamic gender and media champion it is – within South Africa, across Africa and indeed across the world – all the very best for the decades ahead!

Marcia Mandi says:

Happy Birthday Gender Links. Thank you for all the impeccable and impactful towards gender justice work you’ve done and continue to do.

Loveness Jambaya Nyakujarah says:

Happy 2Oth Birthday Gender Links, a small organisation with giant footprints in the promotion of gender equality and women rights. You have played a key role in linking policy and practice from local to global levels. I am proud to have been a part of your journey. Here is to greater success and a sustainable future as you touch women’s lives one by one in small and big ways!


I’m Priscilla Bignoux from Mauritius.
Congratulations to Gender Links.
Thanks for your beautiful work.
I’m proud to be part of this wonderful family

Lungile says:

Happy 20th Birthday Gender Links. Your existence has helped so many GBV survivors in the country, I am proud to be associated with you. Wishing you many years of operation.

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