Fact sheet Mauritius: Prevention

Fact sheet Mauritius: Prevention

Date: November 22, 2012
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Key facts

  • GBV prevention strategies can be primary, secondary or tertiary. Arena for action of prevention strategies includes the individual, relationships, community or broader society.
  • Over half of politicians (52%) who referred to GBV in their speeches said they were committed to ending
  • the scourge.
  • Women and men are relatively unaware of events or prevention campaigns to end GBV.
  • Only about two fifths of women (37%) and men (38%) were aware of events or prevention campaigns to end GBV
  • Only 10% of women and 21% of men had heard about the Sixteen days campaign in the 12months before the survey.
  • A lesser proportion of women (5%) and 21% of men had heard about the 365days campaign in the 12 months before the survey.
  • Almost half of the women (48%) of women and less than a tenth (8%) of men who were aware of GBV campaigns found them empowering.
  • Gender Links conducts annual commemorations of the Sixteen Days Campaign and works with local councils to develop and implement local action plans to end GBV
  • The Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation runs several programmes aimed at GBV prevention.
  • MGECDFW holds capacity-building workshops with stakeholders aimed at secondary prevention. Since 2008 till 2011 the Ministry of gender Equality trained 126 officers.

Click here for more information from the GBV Indicators research.

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mfdc says:

It is very shocking that women and men are relatively unaware of events or preventing campaigns against GBV. This shows that either individuals are not interested in this topic.

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