Fact Sheets 2010

Date: December 9, 2010
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GL will extend the Soccer 2010 theme, and the SADC Gender Protocol targets, to the Sixteen Days of Activism with the theme: ‘Score a goal for gender equality: Halve gender based violence by 2015‘ which is also the main target around gender violence in the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development.

Click on the documents below to download the fact sheets.

Download : Fact Sheet 2- Media part of the problem or the solution
Download : Fact Sheet 4 - Speaking out can set you free
Download : Fact sheet 6 - At the click of a mouse: GBV and the internet
Download : Fact Sheet 7 - Score a goal for gender equality
Download : Fact sheet 3 - Attitudes towards gender relations
Download : GBV - The war@home
Download : Fact sheet 9 - Sexual orientation and GBV
Download : Fact Sheet 10 - Culture, tradition and role of men
Download : Fact sheet 11 - Sex work and GBV
Download : Fact Sheet 8 - Making care work count
Download : Fact sheet 5 - Role of local government and Take back the night
Download : Fact Sheet 12: Human trafficking and migrant women
Download : Fact Sheet 13: Gender Violence - what's the political agenda

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