Fighting the deadly trio, The Sunday Times

Date: January 1, 1970
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The article focuses on the triple threat of poverty, HIV/AIDS and TB in Malawi.

Trainer’s Notes:  This is a good article insofar as it raises awareness about the linkages between poverty and ill health and the stigma and prejudice that still attach to HIV/AIDS. The human interest part of the article however is told purely from the perspective of a man and it stereotypes the response of his wife to his illness.  The article fails to get comment from the perspective of the wife or other women who are faced with caring for ill, often male, family members and at the same time having to support the rest of the family. The article fails to mention the gender dimension of HIV/AIDS, including care work, and should be used to illustrate how the media frequently misses opportunities to mainstream gender into HIV/AIDS coverage.  The use of language in the article tends to sensationalise the story eg. “abysmal 49 kg”, “a country hostage to both severe poverty and a killer without a cure”
Training Exercises: Trainees should rewrite to improve language.  Trainees could also be asked to rewrite the article from the perspective of the wife.
Links to Training Resources: Gender and HIV/AIDS: A Training Manual for Southern African Media and Communicators, Gender Links and the AIDS Law Project, Chapter 4,  and Chapter 8 

Download : MALCS3

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