Flogged Mochudi woman loses her baby_The Voice

Date: November 8, 2010
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Name of the article: Flogged Mochudi woman loses her baby

Name of the publication: The Voice

Date:15 October 2010

Country: Botswana

Skills: Fairness

Genre: News

Decription of the article:Dineo Mooketsi of Malebye ward in Mochudi lost her baby two weeks     ago and has vowed to sue the regiment not only over the loss but the pain inflicted on them. She received 6 lashes on her bare back while she was 18 weeks pregnant. She reported the matter to the police and the  Station Commander, Onneetse Gagogosha confirmed the case.

This article may be used to:

  • illustrate gender violence
  • illustrate violation of Human Rights
  • promote debate and discussion about Mochudi floggings which have been going on
  • promote debate and discussion about Setswana culture

Trainer’s notes: It is a fair and balanced article where all   appropriate voices can be heard. The language used is also fair, no demeaning words were used to describe the woman in any stereotypical way.

Discussion questions:

  • Why do they beat people on the back?
  • Are there no other ways of punishing people?
  • Could they not tell that she was pregnant?
  • How can other women do that to another woman?

Taining exercise:

  • A follow up article on the Mochudi floggings
  • A follow up article on the Mochudi regiments
  • Conduct a research on the Setswana culture: A case study of Mochudi
  • Hold a debate on Setswana culture about corporal punishment

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