Frocking hell! So many boobs – City Press

Date: March 6, 2012
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Name of the article: Frocking hell! So many boobs

Name of publication: City Press

Name of journalist: Babalwa Shota

Date: February 2012

Country: South Africa

Theme: Politics

Skills: Perspective

Genre: News

Gem classification: Blatant stereotype

If members of Parliament are desperate to pass something into a law, they should chuck the Protection of Information Bill in the bin and start drafting the MPs’ Crime Against Fashion Bill. The atrocities disguised as fashion at the opening of parliament on Thursday and defied belief. Granted politicians have never been known to intuitively gravitate towards trends. In Africa, political haute couture has been defied by Cameroon’s first lady Chantal Biya penchant for clingy material and misadventures with Dulux paint palette. Let’s not even go orange mane that must surely have its own twitter handle. So when the likes of Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma keep offending our fashion sense with garish kaftans, we let them get away with it with a resigned sigh.

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