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Date: September 17, 2010
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“The quality that stands out among those who feel inspired is a quality of intense, burning desire. The intensity of your desire needs to be so great that your love for who you are and what you do precludes the possibility of any boredom, tedium, or weariness.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Issue 12 | August 2010
Table of Contents
»Words from the Editor
» Botswana Office
» Mauritius Office
»Team Work & Dream Work
» Programmes Updates

» Birthdays

» HR News

» Key Dates
Programme Updates

Gender & Governance

Abigail Jacobs Williams & Governance Country Facilitators

Review of August 2010
August has been a month filled with back to back activities for the Governance team. Not only are the nine country facilitators busy with stage one to four of the Centres of Excellence for Gender Mainstreaming in Local Government activities, but where possible they are also providing support to the media team with the in-country GIME/GMPS workshops.

Councils across the region are vigorously buying into the COE processes and appreciate the mutually beneficial aspects of allowing GL to provide the strategic support. Reports post stage three and four workshops are very positive and councils do not want to lose momentum around getting gender onto their councils’ agendas and providing both political and administrative staff with the necessary skills and capacity to mainstream gender in councils.

Highlights from the month of August 2010
Abigail Jacobs Williams, the Gender and Governance Manager, has been providing capacity building and providing support to Field Officers during her site visits, a move that was appreciated by the Field Officers.

September Schedule
6 À“ 8 Sept: South Africa on the job support

Country updates
Click here to read update on
Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland,
Zambia, Zimbabwe

Gender and Media Programme
By Thabani Mpofu & Media Unit


Gender and Media awards deadline extended
Submission entries for the Gender and Media awards will now be closed on 3 September. Please be informed that awards will not be held at national level, but at the Fourth Gender and Media Summit and Awards in Johannesburg from the 13-15 October 2010. Only the national winners will be notified. Prizes include cash and attendance at the Summit.

GMPS, GIME, Glass Ceilings consultative workshops
In August, the media team started conducting Gender and Media Progress Study (GMPS), Gender In Media Education (GIME) and Glass Ceilings: Women and Men in Southern Africa Media workshops throughout the region.

The aim of these workshops is to share the findings of the research, verify key facts as well as chart the way forward with regards to formulation of gender policies in the region.

So far workshops have been held in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, DRC, Lesotho, Zambia. In the next coming weeks, the consultative workshops will move to Malawi, Swaziland, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles.

The GL team is now in the process of finalising the GMPS and GIME country reports following the input from participants. Final reports will be launched at the GEM Summit in October.

GL Opinion and Commentary Service:
The media team wrapped up a busy August after the successful publication of a newspaper supplement in The Namibian to coincide with the meeting of the SADC heads of state in Windhoek.

Members of GL staff trained and worked with 13 students from the Polytechnic of Namibia and the end result was an eight-page, colour production of the Lentsoe la Basali (Women’s Voices) newspaper that highlighted Namibian women in business, the launch of the 2010 SADC Gender Protocol Barometer and many other issues around women and development in the SADC region.

August was also Women’s Month in South Africa and the Commentary Service distributed 10 stories around issues related to women in Southern Africa. Gender Links staff also contributed to the series with Doreen Gaura snapping a compelling photo essay about women from informal settlements in Johannesburg and Saeanna Chingamuka penning a thought-provoking piece about the gender legacy of Soccer 2010.

In September the department will be full of activity with the Millennium Development Goal 10-year review in New York. GL Staff will run several MDG-themed commentaries ahead of the event, produce a newspaper during the event and also organise cyber dialogues from New York.


GBV Indicators Project
By Mercilene Machisa

The Prevalence, Attitudes and Costing Survey data collection is complete and now at the data analysis stage. Outstanding are the qualitative and political discourse aspects whose methodologies are soon to be finalised. Requests for administrative data from the Health Department, shelters and courts are still pending.

The August period has seen numerous meetings being convened as we try to set up for the Botswana GBV indicators work. Stakeholder project briefing meetings were also held which were attended by both civil society and government departments.

GL was assured of human resources, equipment and other in kind support from the Women’s Affairs department, the implementing partner for the Prevalence, Attitudes and Costing Survey. Rapport has been built with implementing partners such that MOUs and contracts will soon be signed.

The data collection of the Prevalence, Attitudes and Costing Survey is being undertaken presently by the Mauritius Research Council.


Words from the Editor

Hello everybody!
With only four months to go until year end, it’s natural to be feeling somewhat tired, restless, frizzled, and all the fatigue that comes with year end, but if you take a moment to reflect on past achievements since January, you should feel inspired and energised, just like I did. And of course there is rising excitement about the December holidays and plans already underway. Before we get there, let us take a look at how August was and what to look forward to, as the year draws near to its end.

August has been busy: this is the usual case within the GL Community, as we are approaching year end. There is always the need to have all planned activities completed and finalised. Highlights for August included the Botswana Gala Dinner held on the 13th of August. This flamboyant occasion was held at the Gaborone Sun, graced with present and ex-GL Board members, high profile Botswana Government Officials, donor and partners organisations, as well a GL Joburg team led by the Executive Director. There was also the successful launch of the SADC Gender Protocol 2010 Barometer ahead of the SADC Heads of State Summit in Windhoek; a series of productive Gender and Media Progress Study & the Gender in Media Education workshops throughout the region, as well as extensive local government workshops from the Governance unit. On the publications front, GL exhibited at the Jozi Book fair, which ended on the 9th of August, national Women’s Day in South Africa.

All this and more, to look forward to in this month’s edition of Gender Linked. Keeping you GL linked.

Happy reading…

GL Board members have continued to play an active role in daily activities and in driving the strategic agenda of GL. Pinkie Mekgwe officiated at the launch of the Botswana office and in a briefing meeting on the GBV indicators project in Botswana. Eduardo Namburette authored the GMPS Mozambique report and organised a vibrant consultative workshop, attended by the ED, that has resulted in a new initiative to launch a Lusophone arm of the Opinion and Commentary Service, an idea originated by our new Editor, Danny Glenwright. Eduardo has also been exploring options for registering a GL office in Maputo and has put out feelers in Angola, where he is confident that GL can finally sink some roots. Pat Made participated in the GMPS launch in Zimbabwe. Ambassador Thenjiwe Mtintso has been rocking the boat again with an article in the ANC Today (quoted in the Sunday Times) on sexism within the party hierarchy. Ferial Haffajee and GL Chair Dr Muna Ndulo continue their busy schedules with gender never too far from any of their itineraries. And Deputy Chair Scholastika Kimaryo continues to share generously from her fountain of personal experiences and resources on the path to wellness. We indeed have many blessings to count!

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Satellite Office News

Botswana Office Updates
By Keabonye Ntsabane & Roos van Dorp

Dumela! le kae?

Botswana Office Launch and fundraising dinner
The 13th of August was a special day for the Botswana Office as it was officially launched during a fundraising dinner organised under the theme ‘Together we can prevent Gender Based Violence’. The dinner was graced by more than 300 guests, including the Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour and Home Affairs, Mr. Moahi, who officially launched the office with Executive Director Colleen Lowe Morna. The UN Resident Representative Khin-Sandi Lwin delivered the key note address. GL Board member from Botswana Pinkie Mekgwe made the welcome remarks. The guests included the Attorney General, Dr Athalia Molokomme, a founding board member and former deputy chair of GL.

Musical performances included the Gender Links Choir, the SSG Band and Gaborone Youth Singers.

MPS/GIME/Glass Ceiling research workshop and launch
After the GMPS monitoring, GIME and Glass Ceiling research had taken place in Botswana last year, it was now time to share the findings of the research with media practitioners and launch the official reports. On the 12th of August a workshop was held and facilitated by Gender Links’ Media Manager Thabani Mpofu. During a panel discussion an interesting debate sparked on the current gender issues in the media and media houses. That same evening, a GMDC debate was held on the topic ‘The media has failed women in Botswana’, where activists, politicians and academics discussed the topic and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the University of Botswana, Department of Media Studies, to further build a partnership in media training.

Gender and Local Government workshops
The Gender & Local government workshops for the district councils are continuing in Botswana and this month we were covering the last sub council of Kweneng District, Molepolole. The councilors and staff of Molepolole council compiled a gender action plan for their council and worked on a plan to end gender based violence and communicate their plans through catching messages and slogans. During this workshop, the Director of the Women’s Affairs Department, Ms. Mogegeh, came to Molopolole to address participants and emphasized the importance of mainstreaming gender into their daily activities.

Gender Links lecture on the SADC Protocol and Gender & local government
Keabonye Ntsabane gave a lecture on the 26th of August 2010 to theology student’s of the University of Botswana on the course ‘Politics of Gender’. She informed the students on the SADC Gender Protocol and the importance of equal participation of men and women in all levels of decision making structures. She further emphasised that its crucial that all our voices are equally heard and represented for government to be able to deliver on our specific needs. As the students were eager to learn more on this topic GL will go back for a follow up lecture soon.

Mauritius Office Updates
By Loga Virahsawmy

Un grand bonjour a tous! Comment allez-vous?

GMPS and GIME Workshop
We are happy to share that the GIME and GMPS workshops went extremely well in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A total of 37 participants were present (30 were expected to attend). Participants included University Professors, Lecturers, monitors and a media house; the Director of HAM was also present.

All participants received copies of GIME and GMPS reports, these were referred to through the course.

Gender Policies
As Gender Policies were already launched for 10 media houses, representatives of media houses (Directors/Editors/Senior Journalists) discussed their respective policies, and how these were being implemented. Buy-in was received from four media houses and workshops were fixed for three of them. All workshops will be held before the GEM Summit. Loga Virahsawmy visited the national television and radio station for a progress review on the status of policy implementation

GIME and GMPS Consultative Workshop
GIME and GMPS Research Studies Consultative Workshop on the 7th of September going by the advise given by Dr. Roukaya Kassenally, that the Mauritian Muslim community will most likely be celebrating Eid Ul Fitr on the 9th of September.

Volunteer Programme in Mauritius
Mary Coopan attended a presentation delivered by the volunteer programme facilitator who provided valuable tips on how to prepare attractive offers for volunteers. Following a meeting with Mr Paul Mercier, of the NSA Unit, an MOU document between the NSA unit and Gender Links has since been handed over for signature. There is also chance that a volunteer paid by NSA through the UNDP will be made available to GL.

Local Authorities as Centres of Excellence for gender mainstreaming
Despite the numerous challenges, Mary Coopan has been able to carry out the following workshops:
– Council level policy workshop at the Municipality of Vacoas / Phoenix on 19th and 20th of August
Participants were introduced to gender concepts, SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, mainstreaming gender at all levels and a draft gender action plan was devised.

SADC Protocol on gender workshop:
Despite the low level of attendance at this workshop, those present were very interactive and there was serious discussion on pertinent issues including cultural barriers to women empowerment especially in politics, the need to educate the youth on sex.

SADC Protocol workshop at Triolet village on 18th August
This was a positive session with around 20 women participants from grass root level associations. They were very happy to discover the SADC Protocol and even asked for more sessions to be organized in other regions.

Sales and Marketing
The I stories have been placed in another four Libraries. Virahsawmy discussed with the Librarian of the University of Mauritius who indicated a keen interest in GL publication. Loga Virahsawmy will be preparing for him a package which will include GL catalogue.

Media Coverage
Loga Virahsawmy’s article on Gender bender À“ statistics on women in different areas of the economy appeared in three newspapers.

Ministry of Gender Equality
Gender Links has been invited for form part in the Working Group for the African Decade Committee. The meeting will held on 31 August

Editorial Team
Abigail Jacobs-Williams
Jennifer Elle Lewis
Loga Virahsawmy
Mukayi Makaya
Roos van Dorp

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Team Work, Dream Work & Innovations

It is difficult to single out one event during a month when there was so much going on in all departments that involved colleagues multi-tasking, and carrying each others’ work forwards.

This was demonstrated through out the GMPS, GIME, Media Training and Governance programme work.

The launch of the SADC Gender Protocol 2010 Barometer, followed by the Alliance Strategy held in Namibia was also a good display of team works as Alliance partners came together to brainstorm and concretise programmes of action.

The GL Joburg choir rallying together to “graceÀ the Botswana Gala Dinner is another example of working together across all departments for a common goal. With little time to practise members sang in the GL car on the way to Botswana, and in the kombi for those that followed.

The Botswana office gave their Johannesburg colleagues a rousing welcome and we had a memorable evening together.

Now KB is being asked to write a manual for GL on organising dinner dances! Namibia is planning to ask the President to host a similar event in Windhoek!

It is so amazing how the GL team spontaneously come together and rises to the occasion. Well done to the GL team!


Public Holidays
September – October 2010

Wednesday, 1 September: Ganesh Chathurthi
Saturday, 11 September: Eid Al-Firt

South Africa:
Thursday, 24 September: Heritage Day

September Key Dates

3 Sept: Gender Training (HQ)
10 Sept: Unit Planning (HQ)
22 Sept: Gender & Media Literacy (ALL)
28 Sept: Newsletters

Johannesburg staff please refer to E- Calendar for detailed breakdown


12th: Sikhonzile Ndlovu
12th: Shaudzirayi Mudekunye

27th: Ntombi Mbadlanyana

28th: Mpho Mankimane

Wishing you many more!!!!!


Human Resources News

New Staff Announcement

Kellelo Tekateka joined the Gender Justice department as an intern for 6 months . Kellelo is a quiet and calm person bringing along with her knowledge in development studies after completing her MSc in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS-University of London)

Shaudzirai Mudekunye joined GL as a volunteer. She is studying towards an Honours degree in Gender Studies with the University of Pretoria. She is attached to Monitoring & Evaluation department. Shau, as many like to call her, is not new to us, she brings along her jovial and friendly personality to the Gender Links family.

Good Byes
Doreen Gaura leaves GL after a very brief stint. She relocates to Cape Town where will join Anex Safe CDW an organisation which fights against child labour. Those of us who know Doreen can confirm that this is a very good fit for her and no doubt her voice will be heard ~ Congrats and best wishes in your career development.

Capacity Building
On 20 August we had a Pre Assessment meeting of the staff Gender Training course which will start on Friday 3 September 2010. We are ready to roll with our own gender studies guru -Prof. ED!

Abigail Williams attended an assessors training off-site which she completed successfully.

On 31 August we are having a site visit by the ETDPSETA accreditation officials, who will visit GL to make sure that we comply to everything required as an accredited training centre.

The GL choir performed live in Botswana on 13 August, it was a spectacular performance though slightly outshined by the Royal Tenors and Gabarone Youth Singers. We continue to have our choir practices every Friday… watch this space!

Some GL staff participated in the 21 Meditation Challenge by Chopra Centre which was sent to us by our wellness guru Board member Scholastic Kimaryo. Those who participated we hope will share with us on the benefits of medication.

Mauritius Staff Lunch
The Mauritius office team finally managed to have their well deserved office lunch at a cozy restaurant close to the office. A brisk walk to the restaurant was part of the wellness exercise! | Recommend | Feedback | More About Gender Links | Unsubscribe from Newsletter


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