Gender, media and elections – Malawi

Gender, media and elections – Malawi

Date: November 4, 2011
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Malawi is also one of the ten SADC countries that has fallen short of meeting the SADC target of 30 percent women in parliament by 2005. With a mere 25 (or 13 percent) of parliamentary seats held by women it ranks 12th in the region and 87th globally. This is far below the new target of 50 percent by 2015 set in the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, and there will need to be a concerted effort made by the government if this target is to be reached. An additional challenge will be to lobby the government to sign the Protocol and show commitment to gender equality in all areas of decision-making.

Click on the attachments for the a report on Gender in the 2009 Malawi Elections, factsheet, manuals and workshop report.


Download : Malawi workshop manual
Download : Malawi - Women in politics manual
Download : Malawi fact sheet
Download : Gender in the 2009 Malawi elections

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