Fifty/fifty and the post 2015 agenda application form

Date: February 23, 2014
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This award recognises special measures taken at local or national level to ensure women’s equal representation and participation in decision-making in all areas, especially in preparation for forthcoming elections in the SADC region. Included in this category are grassroots initiatives to prepare women for leadership, as well as initiatives that go beyond numbers, to demonstrate gender responsive governance. The award also recognises forward thinking on the post- 2015 agenda.

Please find attached the word application form for this category for you to start preparing your submission. The online forms will all be up by 5 March. It is advisable to do your application in the word document first before you put it up online. Although the information will be saved as you go along, it will need to be put up in one sitting (ie you will not be able to logout and in again, as this would require passwords and would be complex).

You will also be asked to upload the word version of your document as well, just to be sure that nothing is lost. So please do get started with your application! Please note that only online applications will be accepted so that these can be published on the website ahead of the summits. If before the deadline of 20 March you are facing any challenges with uploading, you can get help from GL offices and or contacts as follows. You may also drop off any accompanying documents or artefacts that are too bulky to upload. Good luck with your application!

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