Gender Summit 2014 Local Government COES

Date: June 4, 2014
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Name / Institution / Organisation Country Presentation
Most improved
Dikeledi Monang, Selebi Phikwe Botswana Download
Malesoli Lesoli, Kanana Community Council Lesotho Download
Blandine Ravaozanany, Rural Council of Andramasina Madagascar Download
Anoushia Mahadeo, Riviere du Rampant Mauritius Download
Jorge Tinga, Namaacha Council Mozambique Download
Ester Sankwaza, Katima Mlilo Town Council Namibia Download
Thobile Jele, Lavumisa Town Board Swaziland Download
Mary Chongo, Kafue District Council Zambia Download
Joyce Manwiro, Harare City Council Zimbabwe Download
Palesa Mokotjo, Ts’ana-Talana Community Council Lesotho Download

Hanta Rabearisoa, Rural council of Bongatsara

Madagascar Download
Subhawantee Coonjan Jugroop, Grand Port Mauritius Download
Maria Tities, Aroab Rural Council Namibia Download
Lidia Camela, Chóckwe Council Mozambique Download
Elina Ngwenya, Katete District Council Zambia Download
Fainesi Bwakaya, Zvimba Rural District Council Zimbabwe Download
Kutlo Mophalane, Lobatse District Council Botswana Download
Matokelo Damane, Mafeteng Urban Council Lesotho Download

Eva Ravaloarika, Urban council of Manjakandriana

Madagascar Download
Janeeta Soopal, Rose Hill Mauritius Download
Franciso Mandlate, Chibuto Council Mozambique Download
Isabella Kavendjii, Arandis Town council Namibia Download
Naledi Masipa, Capricorn District Municipality South Africa Download
Alma Kritzinger, Mossel Bay South Africa Download
Princess Ginidza, Manzini Swaziland Download
Choolwe Maunga, Livingstone City Council Zambia Download
Audrey Manyemwe, Bulawayo City Council Zimbabwe Download


Download : 18772_localgovernmentcoe_madagascar_rural_council_of_andramasina_ravaozanany_blandine_cr_210514_(1).pptx
Download : 18773_localgvtcoes_zimbabwe_mangwiro_joyce_tz_23052014.pptx
Download : 18776_localgovernmentcoe_mauritius_anoushiamahadeo_tkr_220514.pptx
Download : 18777_jorge_rafael_tinga_namaacha_governacao_local.pdf
Download : 18780_malesoli_lesoli_most_improved_coe_lesotho_230514.ppt
Download : 18781_dikeledi_monang_sptc_coe_sacd_regional_summit_2014_jhbdikeledi_monang.ppt
Download : 18782_mft_urban_council_(2).pptx
Download : 18785_fgpsumit2014.pptx
Download : 18786_localgvtcoes_zimbabwe_bwakaya_fainesi_tz_23052014.pptx
Download : 18787_elina_ngwenya___coe_katete.pptx
Download : 18789_localgovernmentcoe_mauritius_subhowanteecoonjanjugroop_tkr_220514.pptx
Download : 18790_localgovernmentcoe_madagascar_rural_council_of_bongatsara_rabearisoa_hanta_cr_210514.pptx
Download : 18792_matholang_damane_best_urban_coe_lesotho_230514.pptx
Download : 18794_choolwe_maunga_regional_gender__summit_power_point_final.ppt
Download : 18795_localgvtcoes_zimbabwe_manyemwe_audrey_tz_230514.pptx
Download : 18799_arandis_presentation_coe.pptx
Download : 18800_localgovernmentcoe_mauritius_janeetasoopal_tkr_220514.pptx
Download : 18801_localgovernmentcoe_madagascar_urban_council_of_manjakandriana_cr_21052014.pptx

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