Summit Report – Mauritius

Summit Report – Mauritius

Date: September 27, 2013
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The SADC Gender Protocol Summit and Awards aims to achieve the following in Mauritius:

  • Take stock and turn up the pressure for implementation and accountability in the two years to the 2015 deadline as well as signing the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development
  • Bring together all key stakeholders to share strategies and good practises for achieving the 28 targets of the SADC Gender Protocol in the count down to 2015.
  • Profile and affirm the work of media and local government Gender Centres of Excellence and create synergies between their efforts.
  • Build linkages between the media and local government work on the ground as part of the broader objective of gender responsive governance and accountability, and developing a critical citizenry around the SADC Gender Protocol and the MDGs.
  • Develop strategic partnerships and networking opportunities.
  • Strengthen the gender movement from local to national to regional to international level.


Download : Mauritius summit report

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