Tanzania Gender Summit 2013 Media Print

Date: April 20, 2013
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Name Title / Institution Presentation
Ali Issa Mzuri GBV cases which go unreported Download
Ali Othman Ladyband Limited Download
ANNASTAZIA GURA School of Journalism, University of Dar es Salaam Download
Daniel Samsom Gender equality secret to promote agriculture in Tanzania Download
Haji Mohammed Zanzibar Leo Newspapers Download
Emilia Kamugisha Home care for HIV/AIDS victims Download
MWANAJUMA MMANGA Zanzibar Leo Newspapers Download
SAID MMANGA Teenage Pregnancies Download


Download : Ali Issa Mzuri
Download : Ali Othman
Download : Annastazia Gura
Download : Daniel Samsom
Download : Haji Mohammed
Download : Emilia Kamugisha
Download : Mwanajuma Mmanga
Download : Said Mmanga

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