Gender violence training regional reports

Gender violence training regional reports

Date: March 26, 2010
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In 2000, GL worked with IPS in the production of a training manual for the media on covering gender violence. This was tested in a media-training workshop that ran parallel to a major SADC conference on gender violence in Lesotho in December 2000.

The Lesotho Workshop report is attached below.

Participants produced a daily newsletter in hard copy and online:
OurWrite 11 December 2000 [pdf format 200 KB]
OurWrite 12 December 2000 [pdf format 240 KB]
Our Write 13 December 2000 [pdf format 212 KB]
Our Write 14 December 2000 [pdf format 266 KB]
Our Write 15 December 2000 [pdf format 227 KB] and
Final bumper supplement on the Conference [pdf format 623 KB]
All the daily newspapers are attached below.

The workshop led to the establishment of a SADC Gender and Media (GEM) Network and to the recommendation that such training take place at national level. During the period 2001/2002, the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa supported such training in thirteen SADC countries.

Workshops on covering gender violence have been conducted in 13 Southern African countries. Reports of these workshops are available in full text:

English Report [pdf format 48 KB]
Portuguese Report [pdf format 255 KB]

Botswana [pdf format 165 KB]

Lesotho [pdf format 186 KB]

Malawi [pdf format 361 KB]

Mauritius [pdf format 245 KB]

Mozambique [pdf format 188 KB]

Namibia [pdf format 99 KB]

Seychelles [pdf format 330 KB]

South Africa[pdf format 124 KB]

Swaziland [pdf format 203 KB]

Tanzania [pdf format 285 KB]
Zambia [pdf format 150 KB]

Zimbabwe [pdf format 228 KB]

Download : Lesotho Workshop report
Download : OurWrite 12 Dec 2000
Download : OurWrite 13 Dec 2000
Download : OurWrite 14 Dec 2000
Download : OurWrite 15 Dec 2000
Download : Final bumper supplement

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