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Date: January 1, 1970
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A white-and-black picture of a young woman dressed in sports gear relaxing on grass with a packet of milk and a glass beside her. She appears to be reading something, a book or magazine.

This article may be used to:
1. Show subtle messages that reinforce gender stereotypes.
Trainer’s notes: This advert reinforces the stereotype of women as the ones who are to be targeted for helath products and baking products.
Discussion Questions
1. Break the participants into small groups and ask them to:
a)     Discuss the connection between the person in the picture and the product being advertised.
b)     What message does the advert send about women? Men ? Each group must elect a secretary to make the report-back.
2. Ask each participant to write in half a page what they think about the advert: Does it promote or perpetuate gender discrimination? How could it be improved?
Training Exercises:
1. Visit a local supermarket. Observe the buying pattersn of men and women. Is this advertisement targeted well ?
2. Conduct a survey with men and women on purchases of milk and diary products. Are there gender differences?

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