GJLG Summit Madagascar – Winners

GJLG Summit Madagascar – Winners

Date: April 24, 2012
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I-Gender violence – Prevention of GBV at local level À“ how do councils/ institutions/ organizations work to ensure that GBV does not occur?
This category had 24 entries.
Runner up:               Ratovoson Juliana (Ambatondrazaka)
Winner:                           Razanamasy Marie Chantal (Fianarantsoa)
Case Study: The entry raises awareness on children and women’s rights. It implements an action plan whose aim is to restore security climate to get out of poverty. Production of an educational film .

II-Gender violence – Response to GBV at local level À“ what do councils/ institutions/ organizations do to advance legal literacy, work with local police, etc. to ensure redress for victims? How do you respond to GBV?
The number of entries for this category was 19.
Runner up:               Raheliarisoa Voahirana Françoise (Tsiafahy)
Winner :                         Razafinimaro Pascaline (Antanamitarana)
Case study:           To educate young people to practice sport (football) in order to reduce the various types of violence within their families.

III-Gender violence – Support around GBV at local level À“ how do we support those who have experienced GBV
Number of Entries for that category totaled 20.
Runner up:               Razafindrazily Zananesy (Diego)
Winner was:         Jeannoda Norotiana (Antananarivo)
Case study:           The entry subject was the mobilization for self protection, the psychological support and facilitation of medical and legal assistance of the economic migration victims.  

IV-Gender and governance: Programs and campaigns to prepare women for political office and elections and support their effective participation, including programs and campaigns supporting men gender champions
This category registered 04 entries.
Runner up:                                 Ranorovaoarilala Philippine (Anjoman’Akona)
The winner was :               Razafindehibe Nathalie (Antananarivo)
Case Study:                           The candidate would like to bring a real change and increase the rate of women committed in the political domain and have a better representation.

V-Local Economic Development: including youth economic empowerment and empowerment of women À“ at local level to enhance the ability of young women to take control of their lives
24 entries had been registered in that category.
Runner up:                 Antraniory Mamiarivao Suzanne Alfrédie (Sahambavy)
Winner :                         Rakotomalala Irma Haritiana (Morondava)
Case Study: Economic development cannot be dissociated from the safety of goods, properties and   people. A strategy for the securization of the council premises was envisaged.

VI-Climate change and sustainable development À“ projects at the local government level that address the gender dimensions of climate change and sustainable development.
This category had 07entries
Runner up: RAZANOELINE Léontine
Winner: LIDITTE Angèle (Antanamitarana)
Case study  : Aware of the climate change these last years, she noticed its  harmful impact on the daily life inside the local council. She not only organized a mass awareness rising session on reforestation but also made an application for the installation of a safe water system in her community.

VII-HIV/AIDS and Care Work À“ at the local level, what are councils doing to support care givers including advocating for the involvement of men
10 people registered to compete in that category.
Runner up:               Randrianajaona Lydia Monique Heriarisoa( Majunga)
Winner:                           Rasolofoarinivo Andrianantenaina Alphonse.(Ambalavao)
Case study: As a professional community animator, he was able to break taboos related to sexual education which was discarded by the parents within his community before. Thanks to his diversified activities, the efficiency of the results of the sensitization sessions turned out considerably fruitful.

VIII-Leadership What role is being played by women and men in championing the processes of gender mainstreaming at the local level?
That category registered 23 entries.
Runner up:             Rasoamampionona Marie Louise ( Mahazina)
Winner :                   Toto Arne Angéline   (Antanamitarana)
Case study: Thanks to her work as education and social animator, she was able to convince her association to take up agriculture. She is a person full of integrity and is always ready to promote citizen’s participation.

IX-Youth leadership Youth leadership, including junior local councils and young people actively engaged in local government/ politics who show particular innovation and dedication to ending GBV at the local level.
Number of entries: 05
Runner up:           Raherijaona Joyce Edditina (Toamasina)
Winner:                     Rabemananjara William   (Tsiafahy).
Case study: A student, a teacher and already a leader within a religious organization, he has a great know how in youth monitoring and persuasion techniques. His activities are related to the fight against   GBV    and against any forms of various ethnical discrimination.

X-Institutional – COEs À“ This award is for the COE councils that have made the greatest progress and have completed stages 1 À“ 10
This category saw the participation of 32 entries from the various local councils working together within the Centers of Excellence Initiative in Madagascar.
Runners   up:           Rakotondrasoa François Victor ( Manjakandriana)
Razanamahafa Njatonirina (Ambalavao)
Rasoamiaramanana Goddefrin (Ivato)



Case study

Randriamahefa Justin (Tsiafahy)

Commune Rurale de Tsiafahy

The Local Council have implemented various stages and activities to fight against GBV. Thanks to the mobilization of the population and the adoption of a participatory method of the citizens, the results have been very satisfying.

RAJAOVELO Rivonarinjaka

Commune Rurale Miantso

The Council has adopted several gender activities related to SADC protocol objectives. With great results, the main objective of the council is to promote a social policy working for a successful sustainable development.

RASOAMANANDRAY Vololoniaina Jeannette

Commune Rurale Ialananindro

The Council is a true promoter of children and women’s rights. It has managed to improve the living conditions of the locality vulnerable persons.
Citizens taking responsibility,  as well as the support of various associations have hugely contributed to the success of the actions undertaken to fight against GBV.

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