GJLG Summit Namibia – Leadership

Date: April 23, 2012
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Sharonice Busch PON Through this project she is encouraging more young women to emulate and work into her footstep. She say was a Junior Speaker for the Childre,’s Parliament   and now is the Polytechinic of Namibia furthering her studies.
VICTORIA EMMA NAOXAS NGO Victoria Emma Naoxas, owner of Uibasen  Services  is currently employing 127 people and aspires to provide more employment. She is actively looking for new tenders around the country and is exploring other ways of expanding her business in order to increase her portfolios.
Isa-Bella Kavendjii Arandis Town Council Preparing youn girls inleadership   role are important. Therefore establing various networks in important.Have established a gender base committee to assist young girls at the town to provide necessary information to those   women and girls. Lobby for the Council to prode support for the implementation of the envisage project
Levy Van Wyk Witvlei Village Council Livey van Wyk 28   years old has lived with HIV for 9 years. She has experienced   stigma and discrimination because of her status. Not only has being hiv+ been a battle of one of the social issues but being   a mother at the tender age of 17 lead to many more challenges mainly GBV and Poverty.

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