GJLG Summit Namibia – Local economic development

Date: April 23, 2012
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Hon Anton Ganeb Witvlei Village Council The Village is facing shortage of housing. Many people   here are unemployed and   cannot affort housing. The Council chipped in and has embarked on a project for low cost housing for the poor especially women. Shelter is also one of the   fundamental human rights issues.
Aunie Gebhard Arandis Town Council Local economic development will ensure that socio-economic development initiatives can be used at catalyst to create employment and economic opportunities.
Schonwieder Gomases Keemanshoop Junior   Council Keep Keetmanshop green and plant more trees. No deforestation
Richard Hoebeb Usakos Town Council How women can develop economically at the town. There are   very few projects for women.   But the Council with other partners are in the process to affirm women.
Elsie Nowases Arandis Town Council Empowering women through the garden project at the town,   training them in food sufficiency- support from the Council

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