GJLG Summit Zimbabwe – HIV AIDS

Date: April 20, 2012
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Precious Mutsetse Chiredzi Town Council The council with the support of various stakeholders through the poly-clinic is advocating for male involvement in in prevention ,care and support as a means aimed towards behaviour change to combat HIV/AIDS. Council has adopted an HIV/AIDS policy. An action plan has been formulated of work to be done.
Gabriel Mazivofa Kariba Municipality Council has been adversely affected by HIV/AIDS in the workplace. Consequently it sought training for its employees as Voluntary Peer Educators, who are carrying out HIV/AIDS awareness in the council. The sensitization includes education on VCT, Care & Support, HBC training. Council has adopted an HIV/AIDS Policy as well as a Gender Policy.
Nakai Godfrey Nengomasha PADARE Working with men inorder to try and reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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